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1. How long has Legacy Premium Food Storage been in business?The owners of Legacy Premium have been active in the food storage business since September of 2010. Legacy Premium Food Storage was designed and brought to market in October 2011. Our manufacturing partner, Honeyville, Inc., who was instrumental in making Legacy non-GMO, has been producing grocery store quality, packaged food since 1951. They are well known for having superior production facilities and incredible commitment to quality.
2. Can I open the plastic buckets or will it affect the food?Feel free to open up the buckets, it will not affect the shelf life of the food. The plastic buckets are used to protect the Mylar pouches, which is what will protect your food from moisture and oxygen. The buckets have a re-sealable lid and mainly serve to protect the packaging against water, rodents, and sun.
3. How hard is it to make a Legacy Premium meal?Legacy Premium meals are simple to prepare, and only require you to add the contents of the pouch into boiling water and stir. Each meal pouch has individual directions that explain how much water, cook time, and cool down time is necessary to create your meal.
4. Once I open a pouch, how long will the food last?Once opened, consider your food the same as any other food and expect a similar timeframe before it spoils. Once you rehydrate the food and add water to it, keeping it in a refrigerator will help it keep much longer.
5. Does cold affect the food? Can I freeze it?Cold weather will not affect your Legacy Premium Food Storage. Cold will not damage or hurt the packaging, and freezing it is not a problem. In fact, to get the longest shelf life possible, store your food storage in a cool space where the temperature doesn’t have high fluctuations, like a cold storage unit or basement.
6. How do you know that the food will last for 25 years?We have had our food and packaging rigorously tested by many groups, including laboratories and universities. Based off of thickness of the pressure and stress testing, packaging, moisture levels, residual oxygen levels, and other factors, our food has shown that it can last for up to 25 years.
7. How much food storage do I really need?This is a question that only you can answer, but we think differently than most food storage companies. Many companies will tell you to get 3 servings per day per person, but they won’t tell you that their servings are 220 calories each (660 calories a day won’t sustain you very long). We recommend that you first determine how many calories per day your family needs and then work backwards. For example, a family of 4 might feel that they need 7000 calories per day (2000 calories per adult and 1500 per child). Based on that number, you can then determine how long many calories you would need to survive for a month, 3 months, a year, or however long you would like to plan for. By basing your food storage off of calories per day instead of servings, you can get a much better estimate of how long your food storage will truly last.
8. How much water do I need to go along with my food storage?Our meals need about 1 and ½ cups of water per serving, or about 6 cups per pouch.
9. What other uses are there for Legacy Premium Food Storage?Legacy Premium is perfect for outdoor activities, especially for camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, family reunions, or anything else that requires great food made quickly. With the re-sealable buckets, you can open up a bucket and pick out a couple of 4-serving pouches to take with you wherever you are headed. Legacy Premium is also great for a last minute meal when you don’t have a lot of time to prepare it.
10. How much food do I really need? Legagy Food Storage Serving Matrix